Best Auto-Tune App for Help Record Your Voice

Do you want to bring out your talent for singing with studio quality recordings at home? There are plenty of apps available which can boost your voice and provide auto-tuning options for better recording. Here are the best auto-tune apps to help you record better quality songs from your smartphone.


Smule is currently the most used application for singing and recording songs. It also has a feature of collaborating with other singers. You can connect with other singing enthusiasts and sing the songs together with high-quality auto-tuning and pitch correction. It is programmed to instantly auto-tune your voice and upload it on your account. Since it is the most used app today, you can get more audience for your songs than anywhere else.

AutoRap by Smule

If you have a slightly different taste in music and listen to rap, then you can try out an alternate app by Smule called AutoRap. AutoRap can help you record high-quality rap vocals with two different modes : Rap mode & Talk mode. In Talk mode, you just have to say a sentence and AutoRap will automatically sync it with the rhythm of the music. In Rap mode, you need to deliver your rhymes yourself, and the app will only make a few pitch corrections to make it sound better.


Rapchat is another great auto-tune app for rappers and RnB singers. It offers thousands of beats and popular song instrumentals and even has a feature to tune your voice ditto as your favourite rapper. This app is great for recording cover tracks as well as your originals. Even if you do not write your own lyrics, you can find thousands of lyrics from your favourite rappers to record and share.

The Voice

If you are familiar with the popular TV show “The Voice”, this is an app from them to encourage ringers to record their live performances. If you want to become a star on social media for your singing talent, then this app might just be for you. It features a huge list of songs with lyrics that you can perform. It comes with an embedded autotune which detects your pitch and adjust the vox during your singing. It has an audition theme where the judges turn their chairs if you perform well.

Tune Me

If you like R&B music and are a fan of Akon, Kanye, and Ty Dolla $ign, then this app can help you make music just like them. It features a pitch correction designed for R&B style autotune. You can sing like your favourite artists and upload your tracks online to share with others. There is even a freestyle option which helps you record your words and automatically sync it with the music. You can even set your own tracks as your caller tune.